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Welcome to Ozidev.com

The site is a new website being setup and design to maintain information regarding modern, or semi modern, technology and I.T. related items.

Initially it acts as a journal of my computer and online I.T. hobby type projects, and some semi-commercial projects, that I maintain or wish develop further.  A resource I can refer back to when needed, and being open to others looking for similar data.

I've left it open to all at this stage so anyone can have a nosey or might even gain some information they require.

The main projects and item focus initially is the setup of a new dedicated server I recently leased, the setup as well of a Linux based home server and workstation, and also the upgrade of my other dedicated server and hopefully combine the 3 in a small cluster and fail-safe type setup. These will be used as private email and website severs to enable me to offer friends and small to medium business in the area a online service, including websites, emails etc.  This will be happening hopefully within the next couple of months, so a lot of the info will be towards that end goal.

I also want to setup the home workstation / Server for development and as the primary connection and backup to the 2 online servers.

Very much a work in progress.

This site is very rough around the edges at the moment but will slowly take shape over time.

I primarily use this a s a journal or notebook for some of the projects I'm doing.  The primary goal at the moment is setting up a number of online servers for use with some webhosting and also to try and learn a bit about Linux and server operations as well as having a bit of fun.

This site will be undergoing many changes in the coming period and hopefully will be of some benefit to me and anyone who stumbles upon it.