Very much a work in progress.

This site is very rough around the edges at the moment but will slowly take shape over time.

I primarily use this a s a journal or notebook for some of the projects I'm doing.  The primary goal at the moment is setting up a number of online servers for use with some webhosting and also to try and learn a bit about Linux and server operations as well as having a bit of fun.

This site will be undergoing many changes in the coming period and hopefully will be of some benefit to me and anyone who stumbles upon it.

I have been using Centos as my primary server operating system for many years, both at home and as the basis for my online web servers.  During that period I've learnt enough to get me into trouble a few time and also out of trouble. (Most of the time ;) .

Note that I am NOT a professional server administrator or Linux guru etc but jut a glorified hobbiest who enjoys technology and I run a couple of dedicated servers with a number of small websites, email and general hosting.  I server in particular is running the "SERIOUS" stuff while the other is more for testing and development and backup etc. 

Coincedentily my secondary server is having some issues so I switch everything to the primary while I got things sorts, and now that its running again I could either switch things back and carry on regardless, OR use the opportuninty to rebuild and reinstall a new system, basically start from the beginning.

Decisions, decisions?

We can rebuild, bigger, stronger, faster . . . . 

During the course of resetting my second server I happened to stumble upon an offer for yet a 3rd server.! 

Why do I need a 3rd server when basically one server is more than ample for the current load?

The answer is: "Why not, it was cheap.!"

What distro am I going to use?

After some checks and research I decided to keep using CentOS 7!

Primary reason is that I am familiar with it and similar variants. I run Redhat 8 on my laptop now and have used Fedora on my home server so I though its best to keep with the devil you know.  Even with the latest anouncements on CentOS future, its still going to be supported till 2024 if I stick with version 7 and a lot can change in 3 years.

Also my server host only supports Centos, debian and ubuntu, off the shelf without having to upload images etc and doing the dance with various distro images. 

Anyway, Centos it is, BUT I will be resetting from the initial image, clean install and hopefully have a nice clean system to begin with.

The servers I am using have the following specs: 

Server 1:  Which is currently the one runnng my regular stuff and won't be touched just yet.

  • Xeon L5630 - 2.13Ghz, 4 core, 8 Thread
  • 4GB DDR 3 memory
  • 2 x 500GB  SATA (Raid 1) 
  • 4 x dedicated IP

Server 2: "George"

  • Xeon X5670 @2.93GHz - 6 core (12 thread), 
  • 8 GB memory, 
  • 2 x 240GB SSD (raid 1)
  • 1 dedicated IP

Server 3: New one - "Fred"

  • Xeon E-2176G - 3.70 Ghz 6 core 12 Thread
  • 64 GB Memory
  • 2 x 500 NVMe (Raid 1)
  • 1 x Dedicated IP

I am also running 2 VMs at home to allow me to try out some initial tests and features before setting it all lose on the world.

These I refer to "Henry" and "Ivan"

Due to the unplanned third server I've had a change of plans that I still haven't fully worked out yet.

Between the two  three, I plan to run, or host, a number of websites for some friends and clients, as well as having a development system for my own development and hobby interests.

I intend running Webmin and Virtualmin to handle the general operations and virtual systems, and do wish to set some redundancy and backup between them, as well as securing and locking down the systems to the suit.

Even though I may not necessarily do everything by the book as such, I do intend to make sure that the systems is secured, up to date and runs reasonably well.  I also tend to learn a bit more as well.

I'll try and keep a log, or journal of what I do, these articles for example, to allow me to go back if needed to reference info, as well as possibly help out anyone else that likes to tinker with linux and servers etc.

Fred, George, Henry and Ivan have all had Centos 7 installed.

The setup is minimal installation or default image from hosts.

They then had a full update to ensure the basic setup is up to date.

From here, let the fun begin!