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I primarily use this a s a journal or notebook for some of the projects I'm doing.  The primary goal at the moment is setting up a number of online servers for use with some webhosting and also to try and learn a bit about Linux and server operations as well as having a bit of fun.

This site will be undergoing many changes in the coming period and hopefully will be of some benefit to me and anyone who stumbles upon it.

Using Centos 7 for a number of years I have had the "No slotmem from mod_heartmonitor" error appear eveytime the Appache server restarts.  It doesn't seem to cause ongoing issues but an error is an eror so I need to fix.

It turns out it a reasonably easy item to fix.  Stop Apache loading the module.

I use Webmin / Virtualmin and I go into the Webserver Module : Servers -> Apache Webserver

I then go into the Global Configuration tab and Edit Config Files option.

The file we need to edit is /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-proxy.conf

We need to either delete or edit the line :

LoadModule lbmethod_heartbeat_module modules/

I simply changed it by adding a # to the beginning:

# LoadModule lbmethod_heartbeat_module modules/

Apply the configuration and hopefully all is well.

You can of course edit the file direct from a terminal via:

vi /etc/httpd/conf.modules.d/00-proxy.conf

Edit the necessary line, and restart the webserver:

systemctl restart httpd