Very much a work in progress.

This site is very rough around the edges at the moment but will slowly take shape over time.

I primarily use this a s a journal or notebook for some of the projects I'm doing.  The primary goal at the moment is setting up a number of online servers for use with some webhosting and also to try and learn a bit about Linux and server operations as well as having a bit of fun.

This site will be undergoing many changes in the coming period and hopefully will be of some benefit to me and anyone who stumbles upon it.

Centos 8 Workstation setup

Setup of a Lenova Workstation for use as a home server and development machine.

I also want to be able to link directly with my online Websever(s) to be able to perform maintenance and backup etc.

The computer I'm using for the server is an older Lenova Workstation I managed to obtain with the following specs.

Lenova Workstation S20

XEON processor - 6 core - 12 threads

24 GB DDR 3 Ram

250 GB SSD

1 x 1 TB HDD

(Will be adding addition HDD storage in the near future

AMD Dual-X R9-270X OC 2GB graphics.